3 Man Overview

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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PU - Plate Umpire                   U1 - 1st Base Umpire                              U3 - 3rd Base Umpire

*Points of emphasis*

Nobody on:

On base hits, U3 will come in and take all plays at 2nd. Plate will rotate up and take plays at 3rd. U1 will cover home if BR commits to 3rd.

If corner goes out, revert to 2 man. If U1 goes out, PU responsible for touch at 1st. U3 has 2nd and 3rd no rotation. (pregame)

Runners on First only:

Rotation in effect for clean hits to the outfield.

U3 can be in deep B or C. Preferably deep B

If U1 goes out, revert to 2 man.

Outfield covered is – U3 has “V”. U1 has trouble balls on his side.

Runners on 1st & 2nd less than 2 outs

U3 in C. We have a double tag rotation.

U1 will take the BR into 2nd on clean hits to the outfield.

2 outsPU stays home and U1/U3 slide automatically.

Bases loaded

U1/U3 will slide. U1 takes BR into 2nd.

Runners on 2nd or 2nd & 3rd less than 2 outs

U1 in deep B. U3 in D.

If U3 does not go out, he will stay on the outside and take all plays at 3rd. U1 will have all plays at 1st and 2nd.

Runners on 3rd only

Treat like nobody on in regards to rotation. *Alternatively PU can stay home*

U1 must read U3 on fly balls hit to left. U3 can either cover the "tag" or come inside. If U3 goes in/out, PU has the tag. If U3 stays or goes out, U1 has BR.

If U3 goes in, you can treat this like nobody on. U1 may have to cover home.

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