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General Minutes 2/24

Thursday, February 27, 2020
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GENERAL MEETING: February 24th, 2020

Meeting Called to Order: by President at 6:00pm

Administrative Items:

  • The Board will start fining officials for failure to accept or turn backs, no shows,etc.
  • Process will be that an official must pay the fine before Thursday at 11:59pm. If not, no games will be assigned
  • This includes paying your fine before filling an Appeal.
  • Check your Arbiter account daily.
  • Tourney brackets and assignments will change daily. It may be possible that you will have to Re-Accept your game(s).
  • Pay Policy:
    • Arbiter will indicate if pay is through DB Enterprise or not. If NOT (Not DB), you will have to bring a voucher to the game UIC is responsible.
    • Games 90 minutes or less. The game fee is $50 (UIL 1204) not including mileage.
    • If you were advise an hour before game time that the game was cancelled. You will not be paid: however, you maybe reassigned to another game. After you arrived at the game site, and the game was cancelled you will be paid for mileage. Again, you maybe be assigned another game. If you start the game and the game was cancelled, you will be paid in full; however, if that game was rescheduled later, you only be paid for mileage.
  • Minutes of Meetings will be available by following week after approval.
  • Scrimmage credit report distributed for official’s verification.
  • Communication:  Officials were advised to go through their Division Rep before addressing their concern to the Board.

Treasurer Item:

  • Savings Acct:    $8096.07
  • Checking Acct:  $3888.36
  • Propay Acct:     $1934.77
  • Total:                $13919.20 

Assignor Item:

  • If an assignment was given, you maybe given additional assignments for that week if you do not Block any dates.


  • If an assignment was given to you with a less than 24 hour notice, and you turnback the assignment. A fine might be levied after discussion.


  • If an assignment was given to you with more than 24 hour notice, and you turnback the assignment, you will automatically be fined.



Training Item:

  • Baseballs:
  • Varsity Only:  Must have both NFHS and NOCSAE labels on the baseballs prior to Plate Conference.
  • If Home teams does not have proper baseballs, continue with the game and Restrict Head Coach to the dugout. Advise both the President and Vice President. The President will advise the AD’s on this matter.
  • If any of following games after Head Coach was restricted (Arbiter will indicate), EJECT Head Coach. Submit report to President/Vice Pres. and to UIL.
  • During the game, if you find an illegal baseball. Indicate in writing on the baseball with initials BP (batting practice), and return baseball to the Coach. If you see the baseball again, exchange baseballs.


  • Chest Protectors:
  • All levels catchers must wear NOCSAE certified protectors. The stamp must be visible on the front of the protector. If protector is an under garment, do not have catcher remove clothing. Be ensure to advise Coaches “if their players are properly equipped”.
  • If an opposing Coach complains, advise President or Vice Pres. Note:  the inning, score, count and lack of stamp.


  • Ground Rules covered for:
  • Eastwood High School.
  • EPCC.



Rules Interpreter Item:

  • Plate:  Verbal Commands during game.
  • Base:  Verbal Commands during game.
  • Balks:  Pickoff attempt examples of with runners on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base.


Exam Review:  Addressed questions missed.


3-man mechanics:  Review. Training is on Arbiter Central Hub site.


Umpire Philosophies’ (defaults):  Review


No new business.


Meeting Adjourned:  7:10pm
Next Meeting:  Monday, March 9th, to be held at EP County Coliseum conference room.

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