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EPHSUA Board Meeting March 16 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
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                               DATE: March 16, 2020 @ 5:10 PM

                               LOCATION: Triple S 10015 Carnegie


TYPE OF MEETING: Board Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Trey Plummer


Trey Plummer- President

Gil Cartagena - Vice President

Arthur Loyda - Secretary

Raul Apodaca – Treasure - Absent

Randy Weinglass - Board Member at Large #1

Santiago Valdez - Board Member at Large #2

Emilio Gutierrez - Board Member at Large #3

Jesse Aguilar - Board Member at Large #4

Stephen Martinez - Board Member at Large #5

Adolph Varela - Assignor

Art Martinez -      General Membership


  1. Call to order
  2. Roll Call.


  • Request by President to have attendance of Board members documented for future reference.


  1. Executive Reports:

Treasure:     Not Available.


  1. Agenda Items:


Games Cancelled Updates:

  • On 03/13/20, Pres. attempted to get a response from EPISD AD reference games scheduled to be played on 03/14/20 (Sat.). EPISD did not return messages to Pres. prior to 11pm. Pres. made an executive decision to cancel all games for that day for safety of all officials at 11pm.
    • Motion:  Sec. motioned to support Pres. decision in canceling games.
    • Motion 2nd by D-1 Rep.


  • Motion passed with no opposing votes.


  • Season Suspended:
    • UIL advised baseball season is suspended til 03/30/20. EPHSUA will be waiting for finite date on 04/06/20. (Note:   Season suspension was extended by UIL after this meeting).

District Executive Committee (DEC):  AD’s will discuss their decision by 03/20/20 (Fri.). Worst case scenario:  Season Cancelled.


  • General Meeting:
    • 04/06/20:  Assoc. will wait til DEC decision.
    • 05/04/20:  If season is cancelled.
    • 05/11/20:  Elections


  • Playoff Requirements:
  • New Standards:

      Attend 4 of 6 General Meetings.

      Score 90% on both exams. Exam #2 set to release on 03/18/20.

      Complete ALL On-Line Clinics.

      Complete 2020 EPHSUA Clinic.

      Motion:  D-3 Rep. motioned to waive varsity games worked.

      Motion 2nd by D-1 Rep.


      Motion passed with no opposing votes.


  • DB Enterprise:
  • Pres. will meet with DB reference scheduling pay dates on General Meeting dates.
  • UIL 1204:  States Districts and businesses like DB have a 45 day grace period from game date to pay officials.


  • Van Horn:
  • New added pay excluding game fee.

      Driver gets $140.00 + 15.00 (per diem)

      Rider paid $15.00. (per diem)

  • UIL pay rate will increase in 2021.


  • Turnbacks:
  • Sec. was advised to forward list to Board on officials who have turnbacks/declines.
  • Board will review those who have not paid.
  • As of today, no written appeals have been submitted.


  • State Playoff Crews:
  • Pres. tasked Board to create officials who should be recognized for state playoffs. Pres. advised Board to submit names that represents of EPHSUA in a positive light. Pres. will send forms to Board. Deadline for response 04/06/20.


  • Ref Town:
  • Software similar to Arbiter was presented by VP and D-3 Rep. It was suggested to upgrade current Arbiter software. Pres will be POC with REF Town rep.


  • New Business:
  • L. Fierro is missing 2020 Clinic. Official claims that he participated in another clinic thus request a waiver.

        Board agreed that Clinic Fee will be waived, but must take the 2020 Clinic on line.

        D-3 Rep. will advise him.

  • M. Quintanilla request $25.00 refund reference Board item previous agreement. D-5 Rep. will gather information and report to Treasurer.
  • Board advised Sec. to tell any member who contacts him on any questions/concerns is for them to contact their D-Reps first.


  • Rankings:
    • Tabled for next meeting.


  1. Adjourn at 6:30 pm.
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