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Board Minutes Sep. 1, 2021

Saturday, September 4, 2021
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EPHSUA Board Meeting

September 1, 2021

Call to Order by President Ruben Batista at 5:43 PM (1743) MT

Members in Attendance

President                     Ruben Batista

Vice President            Gil Cartagena

Secretary                     Stephen Martinez      

Division 2                   Santi Valdez (via Zoom)

Division 3                   Jesse Aguilar

Division 4                   Matthew MacCardle (via Zoom)


President Gave Board Member Homework of a Paragraph on what good looks like.


Shift in Culture

            Switching over to performance-based model

            Playoff selection

                        Recommend playoff requirement changes.

            Coach-official relationship

Talent Development

            Evaluations – paid evaluators. Everyone is subject to Evaluations.


            Possible Committee for Scratch evaluations

            State Mandates for Scratch list.

3rd party to assist committee


Accepting application for Assignor, Rules Interpreter, Grievance chair.




Motion by Stephen for Adjournment.

2nd by Gil

Vote Passed Unanimously

Meeting Adjourned at 7:07 PM (1901) MT

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