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Board Minutes July 9 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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First board meeting 
July 9 2019 5:00PM At Sun City Pool Supply
Board members present
Trey Plummer
Gil Cartagena
Wes Johnson
Jesse Aguilera
Santiago Valdez
Randy Weinglass
Steve Martinez

Board members not present
Raul Apodaca
Emilio Gutierrez

Trey called the meeting to order at 5:06 
Presidential Items
1. Wells Fargo-needy audit, tabled until Raul is back in town
2. Propay- Trey has information and will go over at next Board meeting
3. Arbiter- Has been changed to the correct officers in charge and has been paid.
4. Board Insurance- Paid
5. Asset Inventory
A- Banner. Santi has this item
B- Gopro- Wes has this item 
C- Projector, Raul has this item
D- P.O. box keys Raul and Wes has these items
E- Bank Card- Raul 
F- Projector screen, extra tee shirts, and paperwork Pat Q has these items

 Gil spoke about sending a letter as well as a certified letter to Pat so we can recover these items.

Executive Items
Bank Statements- Tabled until Raul is back in town.
2020 Test Wes has already spoken to NFHS to get this rolling.
Gil spoke about getting with AD`S to make sure we know who the admin. On duty will be. There are times we do not have a clue
Spoke about making a card to have the admin sign so we would know.
Also spoke about playoffs if the coach's pick, they need to follow rotation.
Website-transfer to Go daddy- Trey
2020 Meetings -Arbiter Videos - Trey
Looking at January 6th for the clinic, meetings would be Feb- 3, 24 March-9, April 6, May 4
Looking at doing video training for 2020 season, will talk more at next meeting..

Gil made a motion second by Santi to accept April 25th board minutes passed with 6
Gil made a motion second by Steve to let coach`s know they will have to follow rotation in the playoff`s
Board spoke about problems getting on and off the fields, as well as dressingissues.will get with AD`Sw
Other issues is we still have members calling coach`s, and coach`s calling members will address at a later date.
Training tabled
Recruitment, tabled

Meeting concluded at 6:27pm

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