Board Minutes December 3 2020

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
EPHSUA Board Meeting
December 3, 2020 Via Zoom
Call to Order by President Trey Plummer at 7:45 PM (1945) MT
Members in Attendance
President Trey Plummer
Vice President Gil Cartagena
Secretary Stephen Martinez
Treasurer Raul Apodaca
Division 1 Randy Weinglass
Division 2 Santiago Valdez
Division 3 Jesse Aguilar
Division 4 Matthew MacCardle
Division 5 Jeremy Hendrix
Background Check initiated
Rules Interpreter
Motion: put forth by Trey Plummer Victor Maldonado to be the 2021 Rules Interpreter
2 nd : Stephen Martinez
Vote Passed Unanimously
Victor Maldonado is 2021 Rules Interpreter
Motion: Gil put forth a motion to hire Adolph Varela as Assigner.
2 nd : Santiago Valdez
Vote Passed Unanimously
Adolph Varela is the 2021 Assigner.
2021 annually clinic to be a Zoom Webinar.
General Meetings to be a zoom meeting with brainshark quizzes.
Face shield
Discussed Potential gift of Face shield for EPHSUA members.
Motion: Purchase 100 face shields at the price of $850 for EPHSUA membership.
For: 3
Against: 1
Abstained: 4
Vote Failed due to lack of Vote
Grievance committee to be formed Email to be sent to members.
2021 train committee
Motion: Trey Plummer put forth a motion to Make Stephen Martinez training committee
2 nd : Randy
Vote Passed Unanimously
Stephen Martinez is 2021 Training Chairperson.
New Business
Baseball Season is a go.
Motion: Stephen Martinez put forth a motion to adjourn.
2 nd : Gil Cartagena
Vote Passed Unanimously
Adjourn 8:50 PM (2050) MT
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