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Board Minutes August 28th 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019
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EPHSUA Board Meeting                                    
28 August 2019 / 5:00 PM Sun City Pools                                    
Started at 5:01                                        
All board members present but Emilio                                    
Some of the general members present were                                   
Ray Torres                                        
Art Martinez                                        
Donna Alcaraz                                        
Eddie Estrade                                        
Julian Mejia                                        
Adolph Varela                                        
Appointed Gil C as sergeant of arms.                                    
Wes J and Gil C signed the amendment to the constitution that was passed by the members from the 2019 season.                    
Presidential Items                                        
        1. Constitution- Trey went over to add what the members had passed from the 2019 season.                        
        2. Wells Fargo- Trey will get with Raul to meet at the bank to sign on the account.                          
        3. ProPay- Trey has changed the account to Trey, and Raul on the account.                            
        4. Ft Worth Alliance, Longview, Abilene, has been in touch with Trey to join EPHSUA as sister chapters.                      
Executive Items                                        
        1. Raul-Bank statement & operating budget minimum account balance- will get a operating budget to present to board for next meeting                
             as of 28 August 2019 the association has $8594.88 in savings, $5480.55 in checking.                           
        2. Wes- 2020 test. Test 1 will open 1-6-2020 at 11:59 Mtn time will close 2-23-2020 at 11:59 Mtn time, Test 2 will open 3-23-2020  at 11:59 Mtn time and will close 4-6-2020 at 11:59 Mtn time.      
        3. Wes- Division Reps, looking at the ballots from the 2019 election the reps are as follows.                        
             Div 1- Randy W                                      
             Div  2- Sanitago V                                      
             Div 3- Emilio G                                      
             Div 4 - Jesse A                                      
             Div 5- Steve M                                      
        4. Gil- Umpire / Coach seasonal relationship policy. The bard has put into the operating procedures the conflict of intrest policy.                  
             1. Members must have report and block out school or schools that immediate family members work and or attends for five years ( Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Sons, Daughters, Brothers and or Sisters.)  
             2. Member must report and block out school /schools that family member or members attends and or works for two years. ( Nephew, Niece, and First Cousins.)            
             3. Members during season February 1 thru May 25th of current year cannot contact any coach, athletic director, or any school administrator directly for any reason when subject pertains to baseball business.  
                  Any issues or information needed, must go through the president and/or the assignor current year of baseball season                  
              PENALTY---- Board will meet and evaluate on any regarding conflict of interest policy. The board will warrant appropriate penalty on each individual case.            
              Motion to place this into our operating procedures was by Gil and second by Jesse. Passed 7-0                        
          5. Trey- Minutes transfer to Arbiter- Arbiter Mobil now free to all members- Operating procedures-Local and state dues as well as late fees are all on propay now            
               Local and state dues are now open, have until Oct 31 at 11:59PM Mtn time to pay with out late charge. As of Non 1 at 12:00 Am you will be charged a $25.00 late charge. All dues will close on Jan 18th at 11:59 Mtn time.
          6. 2020 meetings                                       
               Jan 6th- Jan ?? - Clinic                                      
               Feb 3rd, and 24th, Mar 9th, April 6th and May 4th will be general meetings.                             
          7. Trey has brought up video training, will have 7-8 videos . Each member will need to watch 7-8 videos, and make 5 out of 7 in person meetings. Final # is TBD.             
              The cost of the videos is $1500.00 a year a motion to accept. Motion was made by Trey and second by Gil, motion passed 7-0.                  
          8. Trey has printed out the operating procedures, and placed items in red to change or add.                        
               Motion to accept operating procedures was made by Randy  second by Steve. Motion passed 7-0                        
          9. Open discussion:                                      
               The board spoke about position open for the 2020 season, Recruitment Committee, Training, Assignor and Rules Interpreter, will send a email out to all members that would like to apply for any of these positions.
         10. Raul brought up a member that did not turn in a voucher for payment, we had spoke that Wes and Trey was meeting with EPISD Ad's at the end of May to get everyone paid. There was a email sent out to inform all members
                that EPISD was closing for the summer. A member called Raul about payment after the due date. Motion was made to pay the motion did not pass 4-no, 3-yes.            
11 Emilio has missed 2 board meeting. A vote was sent via email to excuse, or not excuse his absence.                       
  Board Meeting # 1 July 9 2019 Voted 4-3 in favor to excuse. August 28th 2019 Voted in favor to excuse 5-2.                     
  Meeting Adjourned at 6:33Pm                                    
  This was drafted by Wes Johnson                                  
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