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Board Minutes April 18 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
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                               DATE: April 18, 2020 @ 11:15 AM

                               LOCATION: Conference Call

TYPE OF MEETING: Board Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Trey Plummer


Trey Plummer - President

Gil Cartagena - Vice President

Arthur Loyda - Secretary

Raul Apodaca – Treasurer

Randy Weinglass - Board Member at Large #1

Santiago Valdez - Board Member at Large #2

Emilio Gutierrez - Board Member at Large #3

Jesse Aguilar - Board Member at Large #4

Stephen Martinez - Board Member at Large #5


  1. Call to order

  2. Roll Call.


  • Request by President to have attendance of Board members documented for future reference.


  1. Executive Financial Reports:

President:  Advised the Board that the school Districts have not paid for the 2020 season scrimmages. Amount owe     is undetermined.


Treasurer:     Checking:  $1,505.77

          Savings:    $8,096.42

  1. Agenda Items:


  • Games Cancelled Updates:

  • On 04/17/20, Pres. advised an effort to help protect the health and safety of Texans, the UIL is cancelling all remaining 2019-2020 spring activities and state championships.


  • Election Nomination update:

  • Pres. gave breakdown of current vacancies, its term, and nominations for upcoming elections. 

  • Deadline to submit names are April 24th (Friday) @ 11:59pm.


  • Election Position Verification:

  • Pres. explained process of verification those officials who are seeking office.

  • BM Martinez stated that policy reflects eligibility for Office states that BMs are allowed “two (2) consecutive two (2) year limit with exception of BM #5”.


  • Election Procedure:

  • New Procedure: EPHSUA will hold elections (Date to be Determined) through Brain Shark. Testing of procedure will go through Executive Board before finalization.


  • Ricard Portillo:

  • Motion:  BM motioned to re-credit $20.00 to Official R. Portillo due to personal issue.

  • BM Martinez 2nd the motion.

  • Motion passed. D-Rep will contact official on Board’s findings.


  • Matt Miller:

  • Pres. advised Official Miller game was cancelled, and later reschedule, but he was not able to attend due to prior conflict. Official Miller requests to be paid for game fee. Pres. stated options of deny request, Assoc. pays the fee or to inquire with DB reference to his pay.

  • Motion:  BM Loyda motion that EPHSUA pays his fee.

  • BM Gutierrez 2nd motion.

  • Motion passed. Treasurer will contact Official on pay distribution.



  • Local Dues 2020:

  • Pres. advised because season was cut short. Board should look into refunding dues to its members.

  • Pres. took various suggestions for all BMs.

  • A breakdown of members who worked 2020 scrimmages was provided for review. Majority of members worked only three (3) games.

  • Motion:  BM Apodaca motioned to have amount of $40.00 be credited to current members who are in Good Standing for 2021 Local Dues. Thus those members will have to pay $30.00 towards their Local Dues for 2021season. Exception for members who worked four (4) or five (5) games thus their contribution will be adjusted accordingly.


  • Assigning Payment Status:

  • Pres. advised the Board that the Assignor has fulfilled his contract for the shorten season, and the Assignor has agreed not to take last payment for games assigned due to shorten season.

  • Treasurer concurred that Assignor has been paid four (4) of five (5) payments owed.

  • Motion:  BM Apodaca motioned accept Assignor’s decision to forgo last payment, and to have the Board revise Assignor’s contract for next season.

  • BM Valdez 2nd the motion with the addition that the Assignor needs provide in writing reference his request.


  • TAPPS:

  • Pres. advised local schools under this Assoc. currently do not use EPHSUA Officials for playoff games. The schools are going elsewhere to seek officials.

  • Pres. stated he will contact these schools to encourage them to use our officials.


  • New Business:

  • Secretary advised that approximately 45-50 members have not taken Test #2. This test is currently is closed, and needs to be completed in order to remain in Good Standing.

  • Motion:  To reopen Test #2 for training and Good Standing requirements

  • BM Martinez 2nd the motion.

  • Motion passed. Test #2 and all Clinics will be available til June 3th. A notice will be sent to all members.

  • Secretary advised the Fines Lists needs to be reviewed prior to finalizing report for officials who are in Good Standing and eligible to participate in upcoming elections.

  • BM Valdez advise that Official G. Duran is contesting his turnbacks from this season. Pres. advised BM Valdez to forward e-mail explaining his reasoning..


Adjourn at 12:15 pm.

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