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Board Minutes Feb. 2021

Friday, March 19, 2021
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EPHSUA Board Meeting

February 08, 2021

Call to Order by President Trey Plummer at 7:02 PM (1707) MT

Members in Attendance

President                     Trey Plummer

Vice President            Gil Cartagena

Secretary                     Stephen Martinez      

Treasurer                    Raul Apodaca

Division 1                   Randy Weinglass

Division 2                   Santiago Valdez

Division 3                   Jesse Aguilar

Division 4                   Matthew MacCardle

Division 5                   Jeremy Hendrix


Financial Statement    Checking         $5222.09         prepared by Raul.

                                    Savings           $8597.11

                                    Total               $13819.20

2 payments have been made to Adolph for assigner position.



Motion by Stephen to Create our own test.

2nd by Gil

Gil: Yes

Stephen: Yes

Raul: Yes

Randy: Yes

Santi: Yes

Jesse: Yes

Matt: Yes

Jeremy: No

Motion Passes 7-1


Grievance and Appeals Committee

Motion put forth by Trey to make Jim Graham the Grievance Chairperson

2nd by Gil.

Vote was Unanimous for Jim Graham


COVID system Update

Internal policy

Motion put forth by Matt to adopt COVID Protocol.

2nd by Gil

Vote was a unanimous yes.

External Policy

MT needles has made mask with logo available for purchase.

No grey or white mask for pitchers.

Policy will available to Membership



Amendment to Article 4.6 and 4.7

Stephen Martinez purposed changes to the Constitution. One to Article 4.6 Terms of Office, and one to 4.7 Elections.

Motion put forth by Stephen to Adopt Amendment to Article 4.6.

2nd by Randy

Vote passed unanimously.


Motion put forth by Stephen to adopt Amendment to Article 4.7.

2nd by Randy

Gil: Yes

Stephen: Yes

Raul: Yes

Randy: Yes

Santi: Yes

Jesse: Yes

Matt: Abstain

Jeremy: Yes.

Vote passes 7 to 0 with 1 Abstention

Amendments will be available for General Membership.


Conflict of Interest

Motion put forth by Matt to waive Art Loyda Conflict of Interest with Ysleta District.

2nd by Randy

Vote Passes Unanimously


Van Horn Travel

Discussion on how Umpire to travel to Van Horn.



Motion put forth by Trey for Adjournment.

2nd by Randy

Vote Passed Unanimously


Meeting Adjourned at 8:33 PM (2033) MT 

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